Applied as FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software substitutes, online file managers have always been slow and poor in capabilities. However, when using the File Manager integrated in the CY.ipto.TV Web Site Control Panel, you will not only have a fast, responsive and time and effort saving file administration software, but also an instrument that will make a third party FTP program unneeded. Have a look at some of the options that we have included in our File Manager.

Drag–and–drop file uploads

Publish data files without trouble

Moving files between your PC and any of your web pages is right now easy and quick, because of the drag’n’drop option offered by the File Manager. You can drag files from your computer and drop them in your Web Site Control Panel over a secure SSL communication. That’s it. It usually takes seconds to publish a file and a bit longer for larger data files and directories.

There’s no need to add any third–party application or browser plugins. The drag’n’drop function built into the File Manager operates just as well on all leading operating systems.

Hepsia File Manager

Right–click context menus

Handle your files with just a click of the mouse

Most File Managers include all of the activities that one can execute with a file or folder at the top of the webpage. We think that this is not user–friendly enough. With the File Manager, you can access all file administration options whenever you right–click a file or directory. This method is likewise valid for a lot of files/folders.

It is easy to rename, copy, move, download, edit, preview, archive, unarchive and delete every file or directory you decide on using a click of the mouse.

Hepsia File Manager

Archive/Unarchive files

Manage archives with merely a mouse–click

The File Manager offers an integrated archive/unarchive option to assist you submit big archives and then extract them into your website hosting account in seconds. When compressing a file or directory, it is possible to decide on the name for the archive that will be created and its extension – .ZIP, .RAR or .TAR.GZ. Additionally, it will be easy to archive current files or folders with merely a click of the mouse.

The archive/unarchive alternative available from the File Manager really helps to handle big files straight from your Web Site Control Panel. No need to start using any third party software just like an FTP client in an effort to upload a big file to your account or download any kind of archive on your desktop.

Hepsia File Manager

Online file editors

Modify files directly from your Web Site Control Panel

From your File Manager you can alter your files instantly on the Internet making use of some of the integrated software tools. The text editor displays the files with a plain text formatting, the code editor has syntax highlighting for one’s .PHP or .JS files, and the WYSIWYG editor enables you to see all the changes as they show up live. Furthermore, all changes which you make and keep are going to be demonstrated straight away on the web, so that you can review them with your browser and go back to make extra modifications, if not satisfied.

You don’t have to download any files, to change them through your desktop and then to re–upload them into your cloud hosting account. All of the editors are found through the buttons at the top of the file table or from your right–click context menus.

Hepsia File Manager